Jeffrey’s Toy Closet becomes a legal charity

On March 25th, 2010, Jeffreys Toy Closet jumped up another step in helping kids have happiness!

After spending a few hours at Rowan County Office of Deeds and also at Wells Fargo Bank. Jeffrey and his parents filled out multiple paperwork and applications for the trade name, tax exempt status and also the non for profit applications to the federal government as a charity. Up until now Jeffrey used his own funds and savings to buy toys for kids not as fortunate as himself. Now as a charity, Jeffrey’s Toy Closet will now be able to help even more kids and their families.

Jeffrey’s Toy Closet also started a INEX DRIVER Racers Fund for any Inex Driver that gets seriously injured, sick or has a great need. Founder jeffrey Stanton had been saving for a new laptop gaming computer for himself, but decided that a Racer Fund for his fellow Inex racers would be a better choice for spending his saved money. In addition his dad, Mark Stanton gave Jeffrey some money to add to it in memory of jeffrey’s Grandparents: Vasta Ditta, Helen and Clarence Stanton and in honor of his grand-father Tony Ditta. This week, Jeffrey’s Toy Closet already has been able to reach out to 2 different INEX Drivers and help them with their specific needs. Contact Jeffrey’s Toy Closet if you know of any INEX Driver that becomes Injured or severely sick or has a great need.

Jeffreys Toy Closet founder Jeffrey Stanton would like to share his great news in a Talk Fusion Video that he made his new video app. that is helping both Jeffrey’s Toy Closet and Jeffrey Stanton Racing.